Nurture at St. Michael’s

Nurture is important for the development of our children’s social and emotional well-being. We believe if children can learn to be calm under pressure at a young age, then they stand in good stead for adult life. By learning techniques to recognise their strengths and manage their emotional journey through life we can enable our children to be positive about themselves, emotionally resilient and build skills and tools for life.

At St Michael’s we have a package of support to enable our children to: develop self- confidence, increase emotional literacy, build emotional resilience, provide tools to cope with stress and anxiety; recognise, name and deal with feelings in a positive way and encourage children to feel positive about themselves.

Talk and Chill Lunchtime club

Our lovely lunchtime group allows children to eat lunch together and talk about any issues they are having. We then have a chance to chill out and relax session with our Relax Kids Coach. The sessions teach children relaxation techniques and tools to help them cope with stress and anxiety whilst building their confidence and self-esteem. Learning relaxation from a young age helps children manage their stress, stay in control of their emotions, and focussed. The lunchtime chill session includes stretching, breathing techniques, massage, positive affirmations and visualisation to help the children relax.

The club runs on a half term basis with a maximum of 10 children.

Lunchtime drop in self-referral

Children have the opportunity to drop into The Hub one lunchtime in the week with any worries or issues that they want to talk about. The children will be supported and enabled to talk through solutions or find techniques to help them. If required, further support will be offered on a 1:1 basis.

Afternoon Sessions

Afternoon sessions take place in The Hub. Children may attend sessions in the nurture groups or 1:1 sessions for specific reasons, for example:

· Friendship difficulties – keeping/making friends

· Difficulty recognising and dealing with emotions

· Quiet, shy, withdrawn

· Find it hard to listen to others or join in

· Disruptive towards others

· Find it hard to accept losing a game

· Find it hard to share and take turns

· Find it a bit difficult to settle into class

· Bullying

· Low self esteem

· Poor relationships with adults in school

· Bereavement

· Family illness or break-up

Nurture groups and 1:1 sessions will boost confidence and self-esteem and provide children with the extra help sometimes needed to improve social skills, emotional resilience and independence for example:

– To develop self confidence

– To increase emotional literacy

-To promote positivity and self- esteem To join in

-To settle

-To listen

-To concentrate

-To share and take turns

-To accept losing a game

-To build up friendships with their classmates

We are continuing to develop our nurture support to enable the inclusion of our children and their families.