WOW Weeks

At St Michael’s our curriculum is designed to give children first hand experiences. We motivate and engage children through the use of exciting cross-curricular topics. We frequently have ‘WOW Weeks’ in school, where the whole school participates in exciting adventures based around a book.

British Science Week – Journeys

To celebrate British Science week we’ve had an ‘Amazing Journeys’ themed week with all year groups following a different journey such as nature, vehicles, electricity and beyond earth. Thank you to the parents who volunteered their time to discuss their STEM jobs in our worships and delivering class activities. We also had a visit from The Canal and River Trust looking at water safety and building a canal. Our school has made a time capsule which is buried by our forest area to be opened in 2041 – I wonder how school life will be then?!

Meerkat Mail

This week has been based around the book Meerkat Mail, by Emily Gravett.

The children learnt all about the exciting adventures of Sunny the Meerkat. They have written stories and postcards, as well as completed art projects related to the book. On Wednesday everyone was very excited when a real Meerkat came to visit us in school!

Leon and the Place Between