How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

The school receives funding to respond to the needs of pupils with SEND from a number of sources: A proportion of the funds allocated per pupil to the school to provide for their education; The Notional SEN budget.  In addition, for those pupils with the most complex needs, the school may be allocated Additional Educational Needs funding.  This funding is then used to provide the equipment and facilities to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities through:

  • In-class support from teaching assistants
  • Small group support from teaching assistants e.g. nurture groups, literacy and numeracy support
  • Specialist support from teachers e.g. 1:1 tuition
  • Bought in support from external agencies e.g. access arrangement assessment, speech and language support.
  • Parent workshops
  • Provision of specialist resources e.g. assessment software
  • CPD relating to SEND for staff

For pupils with SEN but without an Education Health and Care plan, the decision regarding the support required will be taken at joint meetings with the SENCo, class teacher and parent.   For pupils with a Health or Care plan, this decision will be reached when the plan is being produced or annual review.

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