Faith Days

Through God We Love, Laugh and Learn





Christmas Day – Living Nativity

The whole school enjoys a day listening to, watching and joining in with our living nativity.

Our local Christian community volunteer their time to bring the Christmas story to life through drama, stories and reflection. Our visitors take on the role of shepherds, kings, a sheep, a grumpy innkeeper, an angel and many more roles.

Our children follow the story around listening to each character tell their story. They get the opportunity to ask questions, understand emotions and engage deeper in this important event of the Christian calendar.

The day is active for all the children and craft activities are put on to capture the event.

Easter Day

Our local Christian community volunteers join us for a day to explore and understand Easter in greater depth.

The children role-play, engage in craft, sing songs and listen to stories from the important characters of this time.

Throughout the day, each class builds part of our communal Easter Garden, adding plants, rocks, stick crosses and much more which by the end of the day is beautiful and a place for the children to be reflective.

Open Door at St Michael’s

Our year 1 and 3 children enjoy a faith day at St Michael’s church each year, exploring different themes.

Year 1 – The children learn about the life of the church (faith and worship), the building and the furniture within. They enjoy craft activities, looking at stained glass windows, an introduction to baptism and learn about vestments and why they are worn.

Year 3 – The children learn the history, heritage and faith of the church community. They visit the bell tower, learn how a church organ works, write a prayer lighting a votive candle and learning about the history of the St Michael’s seal.

It is an enjoyable day for both staff, volunteers and children and something to look forward to.

Remembrance Day

Each year the School Council members volunteer to join in the Remembrance Sunday Service in Stone, laying our school wreath, joining in prayers and singing. It is a special time of year bringing our community together led by Rev. Ian from our link Church.

In school, our children engage in Remembrance Day activities such as craft, letter writing, poetry and listening to the news. We are fortunate to have active community members join us in this time of remembrance, presenting in their smart uniform, images in worship and class visits to answer questions.

Inspire at Lichfield Cathedral (Yr 4)

The year 4 children visit Lichfield Cathedral every year for an activity day called Inspire.

They learn through interactive, inspirational, spiritual, reflective & deep learning opportunities,  discovering the means of Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity.

Each year has a different theme to explore and the children engage in a hands on day of learning.