There’s lots more going on.


Year 1 children enjoy coding club at lunch time exploring our bee bot apps on the Ipads and our STEM mouse robot kits. We enjoy learning how to code directions, build obstacle courses and work as a team.

This club runs in the summer term for the children to practice their previously learnt skills. We offer this club to all of Year 1 to enjoy and is run by Mrs Farrell.

Craft Club

Craft club brings out the creativity in our children. It is run by Miss Jacobson and Miss Barrington for KS2 children.

Each week the children will engage in different craft activities and suggesting their own ideas for the weeks ahead.


Friendship Club

As part of our commitment to children’s well-being, this club offers a chance for children to make new friends, discuss worries or concerns and offer their advice to others in a relaxed and caring environment.


Our club is run by Mrs Childs and year 4 volunteers one lunchtime a week and the children around school can choose to join at any time.

They enjoy fun activities such as making friendship bracelets, cards and creating their own ideas to spread happiness, care and kindness around our school.

Adventurers Club

Our Christian ethos is at the heart of our school and our adventurers club further strengthens this. It is a club to link with our local community and churches of St Michael’s and St Saviour’s.

Our local vicar and church volunteers begin with a Christian song and a different Bible story is explored each week. The children engage in craft activities and acting in both the indoors and out, and concludes with a short act of collective worship which parents are invited to attend.

This club is run by church helpers and Miss Hale and is open to Early Years upwards all year round.


Sport Clubs

We place great emphasis on sport and active learning to celebrate the talents of our children and to teach skills to those wanting to learn. We use external agencies to run our clubs with the same regular staff members for consistency and enjoyment.

The clubs we offer are run at different times throughout the year for all ages.

School Choir

Each week Miss Whitney runs our school choir club learning new songs ready to perform to the school, at St Michael’s and St Wulfad’s Church and at many local events.