WOW Days

Prepare to be wowed!

Throughout the year we hold WOW weeks and days. These are special days where the whole school learns about a particular topic. There is usually something amazing happening to make the day extra memorable!  You can find out about some of our recent WOW days below…

When I Grow Up

This WOW day was a chance for the children to show us what they would like to be when they grow up. We have firefighters, police officers, engineers, dancers and many more in the making! Each year group had a visitor from different occupations to talk about their jobs and capture the children’s interests.

Winter Wonderland

Winter has arrived! The children entered school to snow, a giant snowman and throughout the day engaged in winter activities. We also has a tasty hot chocolate treat in our outdoor classroom!

British Science Week

This ‘Amazing Journeys’ themed week had all year groups following a different journey such as nature, vehicles, electricity and beyond earth. Thank you to the parents who volunteered their time to discuss their STEM jobs in our worships and delivering class activities and to The Canal and River Trust for your workshop on water safety. Our school has made a time capsule which is buried by our forest area to be opened in 2041 – I wonder how school life will be then?!

Amazing Africa

A geography inspired WOW week with each year group researching and exploring a different African country. We had a visit from an African drummer putting on a performance and teaching the children how to play the different drums and some African animals made an appearance which the children really enjoyed. They met chameleons, meerkats, a snake and a giant millipede. A truly amazing day week!

Alien Invasion

WARNING! An alien spacecraft has been found on our school grounds and some eggs are beginning to hatch…children we need your help! For this WOW week the children explored different texts such as Beegu to explore who our visitor could be, created space art and designing spaceships to help the visitor get back to their planet.

Where my wellies take me

As a school we focused on the story ‘Where my Wellies take me’ by Michael and Clare Morpurgo. As a school we explored our local enviroment, went on lots of walks exploring nature and held a nightime walk with parents and children and Barlaston Down’s Banks. Our wellies can take us anywhere and the children enjoyed learning in the outdoors.

Environment week

A week for the children to learn about our planet Earth and how to look after it. Each year group studied a different text and created some wonderful work linked to this such as. We had a ‘Recycle Challenge’ where the children created bottle top art linked to plastic in the oceans, junk model rockets and other amazing creations. Severn Trent Water visited to talk about saving water and what to flush!